Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube

The view from our manor, overlooking the six expansive terraces with their imposing stone walls, is something you will never forget. And the wine from the Kupfergrube vineyard tastes equally spectacular!

Since the first vintage in 1910, opinions have been divided over the overwhelming smoky-mineral character of the Kupfergrube, which is downright electrifying for some wine enthusiasts. Although old wine books claim that peach is the classic Riesling aroma, in the wines of the Kupfergrube, you'll find a more intense grapefruit aroma, accompanied by herbal and smoky notes. For the devoted core of Kupfergrube fans scattered around the wine world, there's no doubt that Kupfergrube wines rank among the greatest dry white wines in the world!

Gut Hermannsberg owns a full 12 hectares in this legendary prime vineyard, with a portion of it forming the foundation of our "7-Terroirs Single Vineyard Cuvée." Additionally, we offer our highly sought-after dry village wine, "Vom Vulkan," which is sourced 100% from the Kupfergrube. It provides an excellent introduction to this warm, spicy, yet vibrant microcosm of flavor. It's available as early as the early summer following the harvest. As for a first encounter with the breathtaking, dry Kupfergrube GG, you'll need to wait up to 5 years after the harvest! But one thing we can promise: the long wait is worth it!

Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube
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Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Weine

Kupfergrube GG


75,00 €
(100,00 €/L)
Vom Vulkan

VOM VULKAN Schlossböckelheim - 2022 trocken

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(25,20 €/L)