Niederhäuser Hermannsberg

Our 5.5-hectare Monopole Hermannsberg extends from the entrance gate of Gut Hermannsberg, along the driveway, to the manor. This view is reminiscent of the wine châteaux in Bordeaux, with the exception of the fact that the vineyards here are quite steep!

The dry whites from here are never so accessible in their youth, remaining cool and minty, in spite of their generosity and fine peachy fruit. However, after some years of aging in the bottle do all the seductive nuances of flavour completely unfold, but then the Hermannsberg wines have a ravishing and irresistible beauty.

What you can’t see so easily when you drive through the vineyard is that the Hermannsberg is the only one of our 7 VDP Grosse Lage/“Grand Cru” vineyard sites with a clay-slate bedrock. This is the source of the Hermannsberg wines’ elegance and delicate minerality. A layer of loess, a wind-borne sediment, on top of the slate gives the wines their richness.

Next to the sought-after Hermannsberg GG, we also produce a village wine called Vom Schiefer. It comes from younger Riesling vines in this great vineyard and is released about half a year after the harvest. For the GG you need to wait two years from the date of picking, but then this long-distance runner is only at the beginning of its marathon. How briskly it crosses the finishing line many years later when it lands in your glass!

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Niederhäuser Hermannsberg Weine

vom Schiefer

Vom Schiefer Niederhausen - 2021 trocken

18,90 €
(25,20 €/L)
Vom Schiefer

Vom Schiefer Niederhausen - 2022 trocken

18,90 €
(25,20 €/L)

HERMANNSBERG RIESLING GG Reserve - 2018 trocken

65,00 €
(86,66 €/L)