Niederhäuser Hermannsberg

Just under 200 meters from the VDP.GROSSE LAGE® Kupfergrube, a completely different world unfolds: the south-facing Niederhäuser Hermannsberg presents sun-drenched soils, shaped by the Ice Age.

Clay slate forms the bedrock, overlaid by a layer of loess. Over 100 years ago, melaphyre was introduced into the vineyard through mining activities. Here, grapes thrive, maturing into particularly distinctive wines with complex aromas. The Hermannsberg does not shine with overt charms; rather, it possesses a subtle finesse and dynamic strength. Confident and mindful of its strengths, it calmly gazes into the future. Through aging in our cellar, it develops its profound depth and an almost Burgundian tranquility.



Community:   Niederhausen

Classified area:   5.28 hectares

Ownership:   5.28 hectares (100%, monopoly)

Classification:   VDP Grosse Lage / "Grand Cru"

Grape varieties:   100% Riesling

Exposure:   South

Slope inclination  up to 40%

Stone content:   32%

Altitude:   150 -180 meters above sea level

Soil type:   Clay slate with loess layer

First vintage:   1907



Hermannsberg GG Reserve         

Vom Schiefer (100% Hermannsberg)

7 Terroirs (Cuvée, teils Hermannsberg) 

Niederhäuser Hermannsberg B
Niederhäuser Hermannsberg A
Niederhäuser Hermannsberg C

Niederhäuser Hermannsberg Weine

Vom Schiefer

2022 Vom Schiefer Niederhausen Riesling trocken

19,90 €
(26,53 €/L)
Vom Schiefer

2023 Vom Schiefer Niederhausen Riesling trocken

19,90 €
(26,53 €/L)

HERMANNSBERG RIESLING GG Reserve - 2018 trocken

75,00 €
(100,00 €/L)

SUBSKRIPTION - 2019 Hermannsberg GG

67,50 €
(90,00 €/L)