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Blanc de Blancs Sekt


19,90 €
(26,53 €/L)
Riesling Sekt


19,90 €
(26,53 €/L)
GH Brut

Gut Hermannsberg Sekt brut

17,90 €
(23,86 €/L)

Sparkling Wines of the Highest Quality


Sparkling, charming, special. For more than a 100 years Gut Hermannsberg, the former Prussian Royal Wine Domain, has dedicated itself to the production of exceptional wines. World class wines. Since 2009 this inheritance has not only been carried forward, but also redefined and taken back to the very top under the leadership of the Reidel family. Free of dogma the estate rediscovered itself, giving its wines the time and space to develop, pouring loving care and attention to detail into them. Our sparkling wine is a genuinely sparkling experience for you, full of creaminess, many-sided and aromatic. Discover Sekt (again), let yourself be spoiled by the diversity of aromas and tell us about your fascination with the German wine culture in the bottle that goes back more than 1,000 years.


Sekt isn’t only celebratory


Many people who know and love Sekt don’t know what lies behind their sparkling pleasure. First a base wine is selected and fermented, then it goes into the sparkling wine process. Sekt comes into existence through the second fermentation in the bottle. Because the carbon dioxide produced by the fermentation cannot escape the mousse is formed – in Germany this is called “Traditionelle Flaschengärung” meaning traditional fermentation inside the bottle. The longer the maturation of the yeast in the bottle the finer the bubbles get, and the more complex and harmonious the taste of the Sekt becomes. At Gut Hermannsberg this process sometimes takes longer than 5 years. With much patience bubbly is created with a creamy texture and a fine fruity intensity that caresses the palate. Subtle aromas that spoil your nose, reminding you of apricot, apple tart and reflecting the original character of the wines of Gut Hermannsberg.


A sparkling Individualist


Sekt belongs to the exclusive category of high quality sparkling wines associated with celebration and are therefore often served on special occasions. However, we suggest that Sekt isn’t only suitable for moments of celebration, but also fits in many other situations. Wines with a pronounced natural acidity structure are ideally suited for the production of top quality Sekts, because they make possible a particularly balanced final product. Gut Hermannsberg’s Sekts stand out with their mineral freshness, clearly defined fruity notes, are charming and subtle. Our Sekts are delicious all-rounders not only suited for special occasions.  


Identification with the product instead of Dogma


The Verband deutscher Prädikatsweingüter e.V. asked our winemaker Karsten Peter which wine he was particularly proud of. His answer reflects the inspiration we all live and the quality we all strive for anew every day. He replied that he was proud of every wine, otherwise he wouldn’t offer them for sale. That’s exactly our conviction. Every wine, every Sekt, and every other product is handled with the greatest care and transports the more than 1,000 year old wine culture of the Nahe into your glass.


Correctly storing and serving Sekt


Carefully poured into a suitable glass, Sekt unfolds its aromas and mousse. Tulip-shaped sparkling wine flutes are well suited for Sekt, but we prefer to use white wine glasses because they better open up the Sekt. Store Sekt bottles standing up in a cool and dry place. Serve chilled with 6-8 degress Celsius.   


Our fascination, our identity


Share with us our fascination for wine. The VDP. Grossen Lagen from Gut Hermannsberg offer the best preconditions for making great Rieslings. The special interplay of sunlight and soil types combined with the unique climate of the Nahe create the best Riesling vineyard sites in Germany and the world! You can buy these unique Rieslings in our online store or at the wine estate. We are looking forward for your visit!