Savour an exquisite 5-course menu with a seasonal there from the Hermannsberg estate kitchen created by our chef Florian Müller.

Weinschmecker Wochenenden
Weinschmecker Wochenenden 2

Look forward to an exciting culinary dialogue for €98,- p.p. incl. menu, 6 x 0,1l wine, water & coffee

The Wine Weekend dates for 2019

29. & 30. March 2019
Symphony of herbs and spices
An aromatic start to the culinary season at Gut Hermannsberg.

19. & 20. April 2019
The Silence of the Lambs
Easter lamb from the meadows.

03. & 04. May 2019
The Secret of White Asparagus
White shoots from Weisenheim.

07. & 08. June 2019
The Sound of the Swell
Sea bass and other fine fish.

09. & 10. August 2019
Fire and Brimstone 4.0
Barbeque at Gut Hermannsberg.

06. & 07. September 2019
Paella Nights

The fruits of the sea in Spanish.

18. & 19. October 2019
The Treasures of the Forest
Game and forest specialties.

15. & 16. November 2019
Duck & Goose

The finest fowl.

30. November 2019
A Warm Welcome to Winter 

Prepare for winter with us

Reservation with prepayment is necessary.   

Important Notice: The precise combinations of food and wine for these dinners are decided shortly beforehand and the above plans may change suddenly because we insist on only using the finest ingredients. Please note, 20 reservations must be received before a Wine Weekend can go ahead and please tell us about allergies and intolerances when you make your reservation otherwise we may not be able to assist you!