Altenbamberger Rotenberg

When you stand at the top of the steepest and most windswept of our vineyards and look out over the undulating landscape it feels like you’ve reached the end of Germany, or maybe been beamed back in time several centuries.

The truth is this semi-wilderness is resurgent in the 21st century! We recently planted another hectare of Riesling vines, taking our holdings in this long forgotten site to four hectares. We believe in the future of the Rotenberg.

Where it is exposed, the volcanic rhyolite bedrock of this precipitous slope looks like the surface of Mars! It gives the dry Riesling GGs from the Rotenberg (first vintage 2015) a smoked bacon character that’s married to fine stone fruit and citrus aromas.

The naturally sweet Riesling Kabinett and Spätlese from this site have a primal freshness that reminds us of windy days when the clouds scud low over the slopes of the Alsenz Valley.

The Rotenberg is a just 20-minute drive from Gut Hermannsberg in the Alsenz Valley.

Altenbamberger Rotenberg A
Altenbamberger Rotenberg B
Altenbamberger Rotenberg C

Altenbamberger Rotenberg Weine

Rotenberg GG


32,00 €
(42,66 €/L)
Rotenberg GG

Rotenberg Riesling GG - 2021 trocken

32,00 €
(42,66 €/L)
Rotenberg Spätlese


24,00 €
(26,53 €/L)
Subskription 2023

SUBSKRIPTION - 2022 Rotenberg GG

32,00 €
28,80 €
(42,66 €/L)