Since we are unable to offer restaurant service this year due to the absence of a chef, we've come up with a special treat to ensure you can still have a delightful evening.

Our Vesper Basket provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a light dinner here at our establishment, savor a glass of fine wine, and avoid the need to drive anywhere.

You can pre-order the Vesper Basket one day in advance or in the morning (up to 9 AM) and pick it up in the evening at our wine boutique.

You can choose to relish your Vesper on our terrace, in the beautiful garden, or in case of inclement weather, in the communal area of our guesthouse.

The basket includes:

  • Freshly baked bread from Andrae Bakery in Waldböckelheim
  • Regional canned sausages and pepper sticks from Metzer Benno Alt in Kellenbach
  • A piece of delicious hard cheese and a jar of cream cheese
  • Seasonal raw vegetables (cucumber, tomato, carrot, celery, radishes)
  • Fruits and Riesling jelly


for EUR 30,00 pro BASKET (for 2 persons)