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VDP. Gutsweine

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White Wines rich in tradition reinterpreted

From the Gut Hermannsberg estate you look out over spectacular steep vineyards that belong to the best sites for Riesling in Germany and the whole world. The estate’s 30 hectares of vineyards are divided between 7 terroirs, each of these sites giving unique white wines.

For over a century the estate has produced world-class wines and since 2009, under the direction of the Reidel family and winemaker Karsten Peter, this tradition has been reinterpreted. The wines produced combine an innovative style with unique character and transport the liquid history of the former Royal Prussian Domain into the glass. You are invited to the Nahe to experience this remarkable new world of white wines and its more than 100 years of tradition.


White Wine is Top Wine

Gut Hermannsberg belongs to the currently 200 members of the VDP. Verband Deutsche Prädikatsweingüter, the elite association of German wine estates. Gut Hermannsberg offers a fantastic range of top quality wines that are classified by the VDP. The range extends from feel-good wines for everyday up to complex art works in the bottle that reflect the best that the estate’s 7 terroirs have to offer. Here is a brief overview of the range.


VDP. Gutswein / Estate Wine

Gut Hermannsberg’s VDP. Gutswein/Estate Wines are stylishly pleasurable everyday drinking. They combine the distinctive qualities of Nahe wines – fresh and cool fruit, elegant lightness and minerality – with the signature of our winemaker. 

With our 7 Terroirs we completely redefined the Estate Wine category. The special soil types of our vineyards and their unique mineral composition take Estate Wine to the next level. The personalities of our white wines are as different as the vineyards where they grow. The Estate Wines are usually the first of the new vintage to be released and are the wines that reflect the vintage particularly clearly. The estate’s own vineyards give a collection of exciting modern wines that, through the work of our winemaker, reinterpret German wine culture. Our Estate Wines are the visiting cards of Gut Hermannsberg and provide an introduction to them. 7 Terroirs is a remarkable Estate Wine and the premier with the 2018 vintage redefined the VDP. Gutswein/Estate Wines category, thereby raising the bar of wine quality. The steep and stony soils of Gut Hermannsberg’s vineyards result in a Riesling with intense and refreshing minerality. 7 Terroirs unifies their characteristics to create a wine of remarkable complexity for the Estate Wine category. It is vinified in a manner close to that of the Grossen Gewächse (GGs) from Gut Hermannsberg.  


VDP. Ortswein/Village Wine

This exciting category is an insider’s tip for Riesling lovers.  

Each VDP. Orstwein/Village Wines must come from the vineyards belonging to a single village or commune, and they are usually blends of wines from several vineyard sites. However, at Gut Hermannsberg we want to put more than a general location into the bottle. The themes “place of origin that you can taste” and “soil” are particularly important for us. For this reason both our VDP. Ortsweine/Village Wines are single vineyard bottlings: “Vom Schiefer” comes from Niederhausen, in fact 100% from the VDP Grosse Lage/Grand Cru site “Niederhäuser Hermannsberg”. There you will find a slate type soil that’s rare in our region and it gives the wines a special character.

“Vom Vulkan” comes from Schlossböckelheim, 100% from the legendary Kupfergrube site. Volcanic soils rich in minerals are the guarantee for the great wines of Gut Hermannsberg. Thanks to their deep roots the vines between 15 and 30 years of age the wines are able to perfectly express the fine herbal spiciness and salty minerality of the Kupfergrube. These wines have a lot of structure, great precision, power and elegance. Our recommendation: put some of our VDP. Ortsweine/Village Wines in your cellar, because they age magnificently for many years.   


VDP. Grosse Lage / Grand Cru site

The royalty of Germany’s vineyard sites – the wines with the VDP. Eagle are the spearhead of contemporary German wine culture. The best wines of Germany ripen in the VDP Grossen Lagen. White wines from the Grossen Lagen impress you with their originality, surprise you with their exclusive nuances and rivet you with their uncompromisingly high quality. They are widely regarded as expressive representatives of their vineyard sites and unfurl the 1,000 year history of winegrowing in the Nahe in your glass. With Selections from VDP Grossen Lagen in the glass you experience a multitude of impressions. Herbal spice and elegant stone fruit characteristics are accompanied by a certain salty length. This white wine unifies the best from the soils of its sites of origin and impresses you with its original character.

VDP. Grosses Gewächs / Grand Cru

All 7 of Gut Hermannsberg’s vineyard sites have the highest classification for top quality dry wines from the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter, the so-called VDP. Grossen Lagen. The production of the wines from these sites must strictly follow regulations so that they achieve the highest quality and may call themselves Grand Cru/Grosses Gewächs. In our Grossen Gewächse we bring together all that we’ve learned at Gut Hermannsberg in more than a 100 years through the careful tending to our vines and vineyard sites.

The key to the uniqueness of the Gut Hermannsberg wines is their origin. The unique soils of the individual terroirs, the special climate at the Nahe, the play of light and shadow, alternating heat and cold, all these are gifts of Mother Nature that enable us to produce world-class wines; exceptional wines with a strong character and spectacular nuances. Their classification follows a simple rule: the more narrowly their place of origin is defined, the higher the quality.

We live in a standardized world. Change is the everyday norm and few things of values are created that will last. In exactly this world we dare to create something for you of lasting value: thoroughly different, pure and rich in tradition – completely free of dogma, but with great individuality. That’s what defines the wines of Gut Hermannsberg.