History of Gut Hermannsberg

Like our vines, the history of Gut Hermannsberg roots in the stony soils of this breathtakingly beautiful section of the Nahe Valley.

Although there have been vineyards here since the Late Roman period our Wine Estate was founded in 1902 as a Prussian Royal Domaine with the task of making world-class white wines and being a role model for our whole region.

We didn’t inherit our vineyards like a set of antique furniture, rather, two thirds of them were created from land where before there was only scrub, rocks and an abandoned copper mine. To this day they remain marvels of civil engineering as daring as the Eifel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge. Our tradition of innovation begins there. The remaining third of our vineyards were purchased later with a deep appreciation for great terroir. 

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The first harvest was that of 1907, but it was the nobly sweet wines of the great 1921 vintage that brought Gut Hermannsberg its breakthrough. After the Second World War the dynamic duo of estate director Hermann Goedecke and winemaker Karl-Heinz Sattelmeyer made the estate’s wines amongst the most sought-after around Planet Wine. 

In 1998 the estate was privatized and in 2009 the Reidel family purchased it, appointing Karsten Peter winemaker and Philipp Wolf vineyard manager. Their Philosophy is a reinterpretation of Gut Hermannsberg’s great traditions, focussed on dry whites, rather than on imitating the sweet masterpieces of the past. The international wine press is seriously impressed!