We’re convinced that the raciness, minerality and spiciness of our wines are things of vital importance that come from the stony, mostly volcanic, soils of our vineyards.

Everything we do seeks to optimize these qualities, because they’re the source of our wines’ uniqueness. Nearly 100% of the Gut Hermannsberg dry white wines from our 30 hectares of vineyards are produced exclusively from the Riesling grape, yet none of them tastes just of Riesling. Instead, each single vineyard GG/”Grand Cru”, village wine and our 7 Terroirs multi-vineyard blend all have totally distinctive taste profiles and personalities. In a standardized world where uniformity reigns, we dare to be radically different and that’s why our fans right around the world fell in love with them.

All this grows out of our special History with roots going back to the estate’s foundation in 1902. For that reason, we reject any techniques that might diminish our wines’ originality, but that’s the only point on which we never compromise. “Dogma isn’t our thing!” is one of the favourite sayings of our winemaker Karsten Peter, “in our cool deep cellar we do only the minimum necessary to stabilize and clarify our wines.” There our most important tool is time. All the wines from our own vineyards spend between 6 months and 6 years there maturing until its unique beauty fully unfurls. 

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