About Gut Hermannsberg 

Welcome to Gut Hermannsberg, the famous family-owned Wine Estate in the breathtakingly beautiful Nahe Valley just an hour’s drive from Frankfurt Airport. This is our new home on the Internet and also an invitation for you visit us.

Not only the Reidel family, who purchased the estate in 2009, feel a special responsibility to the estate’s History, so does every member of our team. Your delight and fascination with our unique dry white wines is the goal of everyone at Gut Hermannsberg. Begin to discover our enormously racy and expressive wines here, or, if you’ve already experienced them, then this website is your pathway deeper into their delicious mysteries.  

To increase the appreciation of our vineyards and their wines we have a Guesthouse and Restaurant that are amongst the finest in our region. Surrounded by our steep Vineyards, nestling between rugged cliffs, forested mountains and the Nahe River Gut Hermannsberg is a stunning destination

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For many people Gut Hermannsberg is first and foremost our striking complex of buildings with their remarkable History. There’s nothing else quite like them anywhere else on Planet Wine, and since their renovation they have been home to our Guesthouse and Restaurant. 

Spectacular steep Vineyards that experts consider amongst the greatest in Europe dominate the views from our famous terrace, most notably our monopole Hermannsberg and the world-famous Kupfergrube of which we own the majority. Our 30 hectares of vineyards are divided between 7 terroirs or exceptional winegrowing locations. 100% of them are classified Grosse Lage/”Grand Cru” by the German VDP wine estates of which we are a founding member.

The unique dry white wines produced here founded the international reputation of Gut Hermannsberg a century ago and our goal is to equal that greatness today in a dry style perfectly suited to the 21st century. For that our team developed a Philosophy of inspired pragmatism.