Gut Hermannsberg is a “Winery to Watch”

Gut Hermannsberg ist “Winery to Watch”

There are only twelve wine estates that the US magazine Wine & Spirits identifies as particularly noteworthy in their just-published Annual Buying Guide for 2016 – Gut Hermannsberg is one of them: a winery to watch.

With the energy of a laser beam…

There are twelve wine estates that one should keep an eye on. Six of these come from Europe, and only one from Germany – Gut Hermannsberg. Here, exclusive – Wine & Spirits evaluates the wines: Karsten Peter is working exclusively with Erste Lage sites (whoops! actually, Gut Hermannsburg exclusively cultivates VDP Grosse Lage sites…) developing from them a portfolio of wines that perfectly sets the scene for expressing the Nahe’s wealth of terroir. Two wines from the 2012 vintage are particularly impressive: the Bastei, a complex and concentrated Riesling grown in an amphitheatre-shaped vineyard on soils of red rhyolite – and the Kupfergrube, an intensely focused Riesling with the energy of a laser beam.

Both wines are classified as VDP Grosse Gewächse. Gut Hermannsberg Riesling Bastei GG 2012 is also listed by Wine & Spirits among the 100 Best Wines of 2016. The 30th annual Buying Guide from Wine & Spirits is available online since October 17, 2016.

Reaping what one sows…

“In the past couple years we have specifically focused on the conditions prevalent in each of the single sites. In this, we support the vineyards achieving their perfect balance, in order to fully realise their expressive potential,’ Cellarmaster and managing director Karsten Peter continues enthusiastically, ‘now, the vines are well enough in balance to give the grapes the maximum amount of time in which to ripen. We harvest clusters of small berries that have optimum concentration.’ He goes on to say, ‘This is of course an ongoing process. We will be developing our great treasure trove even further. Because it is our vineyards that render our estate so distinctive.’’

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